Islamic Terror Report: 3/13/17 to 3/19/17

In the wake of recent reports that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has urged Turkish Muslims living in Europe to have five children per family due to their being, “the future of Europe,” American Watchmen has decided to begin issuing a weekly report on the violent incidents carried out by Islamists around the world so as to help expose Islam for the violent, totalitarian ideology that it is.

Obviously, due to the sheer number of Islamic terror attacks that occur around the world daily, we will not be able to report on all of them. However, we will select a few notable incidents each week to share and report on.

Here is a selected account of Islamic Terror around the world for the week of March 13, 2017 to March 19, 2017.

  • In Paris, France on March 17th, a father and son were found dead with both of their throats slit. The suspect currently in custody is the son and brother of the victims. A nearby witness told French newspaper Le Figaro that he heard shouts of, “Allah Akbar” prior to the attack. “I looked out the window, saw a man on the floor, there was a lot of blood. There was another man standing beside him. He was dressed in white with a djellaba. He dropped his knife, knelt down and prayed until the police came to get him,” reported one of the multiple witnesses to the act of terror.
  • In Tikri, Iraq on March 15th, 11 people were killed and 41 injured when a car bomb detonated on a busy street just outside of a hospital where many people seek medical treatment and appointments with their doctors in the evenings. In the same city one week ago 26 were killed by a suicide bomber at a wedding party. It is worth noting that Tikrit is the childhood home of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.
  • In Damascus, Syria on March 15th, 31 people were killed and more wounded following two suicide bombings in the city. The first of which occurred at the Syrian Palace of Justice where 31 were killed following the blast. The second attack occurred at a restaurant and injured a further 28 people. As the Syrian Civil War has dragged on, Islamic Terrorists seeking to overthrow the Syrian government have begun to launch more and more suicide bombings in territories controlled by government forces.
  • In Maiduguri, Nigeria on March 15th, in a new style of terror attack, four female suicide bombers went up to a private residence, knocked on the door, and proceeded to blow themselves and their two victims up after the victims answered the door. The Jihadist group Boko Haram is believed to be responsible.
  • In Kirkuk, Iraq on March 14th, the Islamic State burned nine civilians, including children, alive for trying to flee their compound.

At the end of each month, we will also be totalling the number of people killed in Islamic terror attacks globally for that month. In Februarythere were 165 attacks that killed 1,007 people, injured a further 1,345 people, and spanned across 20 countries.
American Watchmen stands firmly with the victims and families of all those who have suffered at the hands of Islamic terrorism. Radical Islam is the greatest threat to not only the United States of America but also to Western Civilization in the world today.


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