Pre-Existing Conditions, Physical Disabilities, and The Future of The American Healthcare System.

I get the argument that it’s stupid for the government to pay for pre-existing conditions like obesity or others that are the results of poor life choices, but there are many Americans out there like me who have had a disability our entire lives through no fault of our own or a tragic accident. Insurance companies SHOULD NOT be allowed to deny someone in this situation who legitimately needs coverage. This is also the type of situation that Medicare/Medicaid benefits are intended for. Yet, I see many of my fellow conservatives throwing the baby out with the bath water on this issue. By all means, allow the free market to thrive but this is one area where the government and the free market should be able to work together to better the system.

Drug Addiction And Poor Diet Choices

Currently, both recreational drug addiction and poor diet choices are considered as pre-existing conditions. While I genuinely wish the best for substance abuse victims who want to get better, society shouldn’t have to pay for their poor choices in the long term. Drug rehabilitation programs that are government subsidized need to have the same criteria as financial aid college programs. If you keep relapsing, society shouldn’t have to keep paying for your treatment. If you don’t care, why should we as a society?

I would say the same thing to the morbidly obese and type 2 diabetic populations who have simply made poor diet choices. It’s not my fault you eat nothing but fast food constantly. Also, when the hell did obesity start to qualify as an excuse to qualify for a handicapped parking placard? Park farther away and walk!

Wheelchairs And Durable Medical Equipment.

According to the website Disabled World, The average cost of an electric wheelchair is $7000 but can fall anywhere from $3000 to $30,000.

Based on my own experiences as a young man who is practically wheelchair bound myself, I can confirm that this is a fairly accurate figure and in some cases, can even be $40,000 or more. Even a specialized manual wheelchair can be expensive at $1500.

Because wheelchair-bound individuals such as myself use these devices as a replacement for walking and the use of our legs overall, it’s important to have the highest quality equipment available for use. Unfortunately, because of manufacturing costs, materials, labor, etc. these wheelchairs are oftentimes unaffordable for even those in the upper middle class when you factor in every day expenses. In cases like this, I would have to say that the need for Medicare/Medicaid is more than justified.

The “it’s not my problem” argument debunked.

Surprisingly, I’ve read a few posts on social media from some conservatives and mostly libertarians arguing that they’re tax money shouldn’t ever be used for federal healthcare, even if people have legitimate disabilities. “Let family and friends take care of them instead” they say.

Easier said than done. Not every family member will have the skills, patience, or desire to help a disabled family members and they may need specific resources to help. As mentioned previously, money is also a severe issue, and I honestly don’t see a reason why a small government system couldn’t be helpful in this type of scenario.

Turning healthcare into another giant bureaucracy as done with Obamacare was clearly a poor idea, but so is ignoring the needs of those who truly need help. Conservatives generally pride themselves on being pro life and in my opinion being pro life also means continuing to make sure Americans have the opportunity to succeed and prosper once they’ve been born and raised even with difficult circumstances. It’s the moral and just thing to do. Period, end of story!


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