Samantha Bee Mean

You probably know Samantha Bee as the foul mouthed host of Full Frontal, a satirical news program in the vein of the Daily Show but with even more swearing.

But to Kyle Coddington, a Contributor for OUTSET Magazine, she will forever be remembered for something else entirely; mocking his haircut that he had to get as a result of his treatments for brain cancer.

What exactly did Ms. Bee do? In a segment on her show covering CPAC, she mocked and derided Mr. Coddington’s hairstyle as, “Nazi Hair.” Little did she know, however, that Coddington’s choice of haircut had nothing to do with Nazism and all to do with the fact that he’s undergoing chemotherapy.

Aside from the completely and utterly stupid idea that one can judge someone’s political views & opinions from something as superficial as their haircut, Samantha’s “joke” about Mr. Coddington’s hair is most certainly evidence of her own blatant hypocrisy.

After all, in recent years, the left has gone out of their way to avoid offending people for being overweight or less than physically ideal. But apparently, in Ms. Bee’s world, mocking someone’s appearance or stylistic choices is A-Okay so long as they happen to be a Conservative.

As of Thursday, March 9th Full Frontal has issued a tepid apology for their uncalled for and inappropriate, “joke.” Saying they were, “deeply sorry for offending” Mr. Coddington. See the problem here? They apologize for offending Kyle, which is certainly a good start, but make no comment whatsoever about the fact that they baselessly labelled him a Nazi merely because of his hair style.

I would say keep it classy Samantha, but unfortunately that would require you to have a sense of class first.

Those wishing to donate to help with Mr. Coddington’s cancer treatment expenses can do so here.



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