President Trump Makes Good on His Promise to Make America Safe Again

On Wednesday, at the Department of Homeland Security, President Donald Trump made good on his campaign promise to, “Make America Safe Again.” Signing a string of Executive Orders on everything ranging from the construction of his promised border wall with Mexico to defunding Sanctuary Cities and restoring the rule of law across the United States.

The first, and perhaps most important, order the President signed off on was a directive to begin construction on the long promised border wall with Mexico. While many critics claimed that Trump would never actually follow through on this promise, he proved them all wrong with the signing of this order; only three days into his term. Indeed, the new President’s flurry of action within the opening days of his administration is a refreshing change for those who have become used to politicians who promised everything and then did nothing.

In addition to ordering the construction of the border wall, President Trump also signed orders for 5,000 more Border Patrol Agents and 10,000 more Immigration and Customs Officials to help defend the sovereignty of the United States and her borders.

Following these key steps to secure the border and tackle illegal immigration, President Trump also signed Executive Orders limiting the number of Syrian Refugees that will be allowed into the United States; citing concerns over terrorism and the risk of Islamic extremists entering the United States disguised as, “refugees.” This comes after months of escalating violence in Europe as more and more, “refugees” rape women, destroy property, and murder the innocent in increasingly bloody terrorist attacks.

President Trump has most certainly had a busy opening week, but today’s actions may well be the most important. One of the key reasons for Trump’s monumental victory in November was his promise to Make America Safe Again; and with today’s Executive Orders, he’s begun to do just that.


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