Sean Spicer, Trump Administration Vow to Tackle Fake News

On Monday afternoon, in his first official Press Conference as White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer laid into the mainstream media and vowed to, “hold the press accountable.” This after a brutal campaign and transition in which the mainstream media, in total meltdown, sought to attack and delegitimize President Trump at every turn.

While the Press Secretary tackled a range of issues and questions from reporters in his first conference, he also heavily focused on the mainstream media’s decision to continuously compare Donald Trump’s Presidency with that of his predecessor.

In particular, this came in the form of a discussion over the size of the crowd at President Trump’s inauguration, something that the mainstream media has only now begun to care about after downplaying Trump’s massive crowds during the campaign. Indeed, during the Campaign Fake News Outlet CNN ran a headline entitled, “Size Doesn’t Always Matter”arguing that Trump’s crowd sizes had no bearing on the election.

The media’s obsession with comparing President Trump to his failed predecessor only shows their own disturbing level of almost cultish adoration for the previous President. Indeed, President Trump’s willingness to defend himself in a way not seen on the right in years, may well prove to finally be the mainstream media’s undoing.



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