The Assault of A Chicago Man Should Be A Wake Up Call To All Americans About The Dangers of Political Correctness Run Amok.

I’m not going to rehash the details of what happened in Chicago on Wednesday night. If you’re reading this, then you most likely already know all about this story so there’s really no point in me repeating the details. I have not seen the full video of what happened, nor do I need to. The vile scum that attacked this poor defenseless man wanted their sick video to go viral and I’m not going to contribute to the video viewcount directly. The small clips that I have seen online from different news sources are enough to make me want to vomit violently, yet even if I hadn’t seen any clips of this incident I would probably still feel sick from the descriptions alone. I don’t need to see anything to tell me that this was a hate crime because the story speaks for itself.

Most of my long time readers, podcast listeners, and colleagues in political commentary know that I have a physical disability that makes me dependent on a wheelchair for mobility, so I’ll just answer this question in advance: Yes, of course I’m outraged that this happened to a fellow American with disabilities, mental, physical or otherwise. However, my personal feelings as a disabled American only account for a tiny fraction of why I’m angry.

The truth is, this is exactly what happens when political correctness and “social justice” are allowed to reach extreme levels and permeate popular culture and society at large. People either end up getting severely hurt, or in the case of the multiple Islamic inspired acts of terror in Europe, end up dead!

These degenerates thought that they had a free pass to mock, beat, and even scalp a man, simply because he was “with Whitey” or some such crap. They’ve been taught that they are inherently “victims” by SJW (social justice warrior) thought leaders such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Shaun King, etc. and therefore feel completely justified to commit such heinous acts in the name of “loving Trump’s hate”.

What’s even worse is that the dinosaur media complex made up of NBC, CNN, ABC, MSNBC, and so on, are all trying to somehow lessen the severity of this incident either by comparing it to other instances of hate crimes in the past, or in the specific case of a CNN panel claim that “this was not a hate crime, and that the teens were merely acting stupid”.

Stupidity is when you drink too much at a college frat party and make an ass of yourself. Stupidity is when you have sex with someone you just met five minutes ago without using protection. Stupidity is riding a motorcycle on the highway, without a helmet, during Friday rush hour.

Intentionally kidnapping a young man over the span of two days, forcing him to drink toilet water, beating him to a pulp, and scalping him all while streaming the entire event to Facebook LIVE is not stupidity, it’s just plain evil!

Yet because of political correctness, our leaders are either too spineless or too scared to admit the truth that a “minority group” is just as capable of such cruelty as the perceived “White power structure”, “patriarchy”, or whatever they’re calling it now. Furthermore, I will continue to say as I always have, that Black Lives Matter is inherently racist due to its name, and that the only way to change this perception that many Americans share, is to adopt the name and credo that “All Lives Matter!” At the end of the day, this remains the one single truth on the subject of race.


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