The Left’s Hypocrisy Exposed

For the last eight years it has become fashionable for smug Liberals to declare that Barack Obama had exposed the GOP and Conservatives as, “racist.” They declared that this, “Obama Derangement Syndrome”was the result of angry, bitter white men who couldn’t stand the fact that a black man was President.

Now, in the final months and days of the Obama Regime, the tables have finally been turned. A Republican has finally recaptured the White House, and the left is losing their collective minds over it. Indeed, a mass epidemic of Trump Derangement Syndrome seems to have broken out over night!

Trump’s the most pro-LGBT President in history you say? Well they don’t care, for their affliction has rendered them completely impervious to facts, and as such they live in a world in which every LGBT American is at risk of being put into a concentration camp. Trump acts to prevent members of his own party from gutting an independent ethics commission? Surely, they claim , it must be part of an insidious ulterior motive to advance his own brand!

Indeed, in the eyes of those afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome, the man can do nothing right and even when does, it surely must be part of a dark, hidden agenda of his.

Now those with TDS will tell you that their antipathy towards the new President-Elect has only to do with their ideological differences with the man. But, of course, when those they accused of having Obama Derangement Syndrome pleaded this defense; they rejected it. They insisted that those who opposed Barack Obama and his radical progressive globalist agenda were, “racist.”

Their accusations now hold no weight whatsoever. Indeed, Trump has exposed the left as the lying hypocrites they are. They knew full well that the vast majority of Republicans opposed Obama out of principle, not blind race hatred. But acknowledgement of this fact would have destroyed their fantasies. It would have forced them to, for once, listen to the thoughts and concerns of those straight, white males they have hated on for so long. It would have forced them to admit that, contrary to their false narrative, they are not the inevitable ideology of the future that they like to pretend they are.

At long last, at the end of eight years of national decline and stagnation, the charade has come to an end. The left can no longer pretend that Republican opposition to Obama was based solely in racism. They must now accept reality and face the fact that Republican opposition to Obama was due to the latter’s extreme left-wing ideology and policies.

Trump has exposed the left, and in so doing he has caused them to go into a blind rage. Indeed, it would seem they’ve contracted Trump Derangement Syndrome.


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