Five Things for Conservatives to Watch in 2017

2016 may well go down in history as one of the most spectacular political years in history. From Brexit to the election of Donald Trump, the year was full of wonderful news for Conservatives the world over. But will that prosperity carry over into 2017? Today we look at the top five things Conservatives should keep their eyes on in 2017.

Number 1- France’s Presidential Election

No matter who wins France’s 2017 Presidential Election this April, following six years of Socialist Francois Hollande’s failed policies and staggering unemployment, the people of France are looking for a real change. For the first time since 2002, both candidates in France’s Presidential Election’s Second Round of voting are likely to be right wingers. No matter who wins, France will be taking a turn to the right in 2017.

In one corner, there are The Republicans and their candidate Francois Fillon who has, like Donald Trump, promised to foster closer relations with Russia. He’s also become well known this campaign season as a Eurosceptic, and while he won’t likely back an in/out referendum as we saw in the UK; he will NOT be a friend of Brussels.

In the other corner, the Front Nationale finally seems posed to have a serious shot at taking power. Their candidate, and leader, Marine Le Pen has worked hard for years to bring her party to the Elysee Palace and 2017 may just finally be her year to do it. Le Pen has campaigned on policies not too dissimilar from that of Donald Trump’s; vowing to take a hard line against both the European Union and against Islamic extremism. She too has called for closer relations with Russia and has vowed to end France’s cultural degeneration at the hands of globalist migration policies. Perhaps most strikingly, Le Pen has promised to take France out of the European Union should she be elected President.

No matter who wins, life will soon start to improve for the people of France as six long years of failed leftist policies are thrown into the ash heap of history.

Number 2- Drastic US Foreign Policy Overhauls

For the last eight years, the United States Foreign Policy has been wildly inconsistent at best and downright incompetent at worst. Under the Obama Regime the world has seen a return to Cold War era rhetoric in regards to Russia, a terrible nuclear deal signed into effect with Iran, North Korean nuclear ambitions ascendant, and Chinese aggression go unchecked. No longer.

With the election of Donald Trump as President, it would seem that not only is the Obama Era foreign policy finished but so too is the failed interventionism that has characterized American policy for much of the last two decades. It would seem that, at long last, the Republican Party has an opportunity in the form of Donald Trump to finally restore public confidence in their foreign policy. After both years of skepticism in the aftermath of the failed Bush Foreign Policy and another eight years of even worse blunders under Obama; the American people are ready for a change. Donald Trump seems poised to offer just that.

With his consistent track record on the issue, and his selection of Rex Tillerson as his nominee for Secretary of State; President-Elect Trump seems poised to open a new chapter of Russo-American Relations. Whether this will take the form of lifting feckless sanctions, further cooperation in the War on Terror, or new trade deals remains to be seen but what is certain is that Donald Trump would appear to be on track to be one of the first Presidents since Richard Nixon to achieve a friendly relationship with Russia.

In Asia, Trump has already tossed out long-failed American diplomatic traditions regarding Communist China. By not only personally calling Taiwan’s President but also striking back at Red China when they criticized him for doing so; Trump signaled that the United States of America will be beholden to the interests of Red China no longer. As he said again and again on the campaign trail, it is now America First. With a long standing record of skepticism towards the Chinese government and plenty of incoming diplomatic crises in the region as a result of China’s continued aggression in the South China Sea; President Trump will have plenty of opportunities early on to redefine our relationship with not only Red China but other countries in the region as well.

In the Middle East, Trump has also flipped the tables on traditional American Foreign Policy guidance. Becoming the first President in history to reject the long failed Two-State “Solution” to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict; Trump looks poised to be THE most pro-Israel President in American history. During the campaign, Trump appeared to be one of the few people on the entire American political landscape to understand the truth about the situation in Syria. Namely, that there are no real rebels in the conflict anymore and that it is now a conflict purely between the Syrian government and terrorists. What this will mean for America’s role in the conflict remains to be seen, but Conservatives can sleep easy knowing that President Trump will very likely end the supplying of weapons and aid to so called, “rebels” as the Obama administration has done.

Number 3- The Final Demise of Obamacare

After countless votes that lead to nowhere due to either Obama’s veto or the Democrats in the Senate; it finally appears that Obamacare’s days are numbered for good. Democrats are already bracing for the impact and have their fear mongers at the ready on the Mainstream Media to warn about such apocalyptic fantasies as, “dead bodies all over” as Harry Reid put it. While it’s unlikely that anyone will believe this fear mongering after a year of the mainstream media and the left’s being exposed as liars; the GOP does certainly appear to be in a risky spot. Thus far the GOP House & Senate leadership have been vague as to what their replacement plan for Obamacare will be and some have even floated a delayed repeal of the bill until three years into President Trump’s term.

While no one can say for sure what the replacement for the failed “Affordable Care Act” will be, Conservatives can rest assured that it will most certainly be better than what came before it and that Obamacare will finally be gone for good.

Number 4- An End to Repetitive Amnesty

For the last several decades, the issue of immigration has largely been ignored and when the number of criminal aliens in the country was finally becoming so large that the bulk of society began to notice, the globalist establishment would respond with an amnesty while paying lip service to law and order.  Reagan did this when he signed off on a general amnesty in the form of the Simpson-Mazzoli Act. Bush did this for the full eight years of his term where he routinely talked about criminal immigration the campaign trail but did nothing in practice to either secure the border or deal with those criminal aliens already here.

Now, in 2017, Conservatives have a chance to finally achieve some real, lasting change on this issue with President Trump. While Trump’s immigration pledges have changed in variations, the underlining principle has always remained the same; America First. Trump kicked his campaign off on the issue of criminal immigration and he’s been very adamant about taking steps to not only secure our border but to also reduce the sheer unsustainable numbers of people trying to enter this country. In 2017 Conservatives can look forward to something finally, God willing, being done about the issue of criminal immigration.

Number 5- The Establishment’s Last Stand

While the battle may be won in the wake of 2016’s monumental political outcomes across the globe, much of the globalist establishment remains in place. The European Union, albeit weakened and crumbling by the day, is still around. The Swamp that Trump talked about so much on the campaign trail is still entrenched in Washington DC along with other beltway insiders who continue to refuse to recognize why their candidate lost so badly in this last election.

While there is still much work to be done, it goes without saying that the anti-establishment revolutions that occurred throughout the world in 2016 will continue rolling strong going throughout 2017. Will the establishment as we know it survive the new year? Time will tell, but what is certain is that, for the first time in decades, they face real opposition from the right.


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