Election 2016: The Battle of the Scandals

As we enter the crunch time for this election, it becomes clearer and clearer that this election has shattered a necessary precedent in the process of electing the leader of the free world. What began as a battle of policy became a battle of scandal. And now it is left in the hands of the American people to decide which of two deplorable people becomes the commander in chief of the biggest nation with the strongest military and biggest nuclear arsenal in the world.

On the one hand you have one of the most bigoted men in “politics”. His plans, idiotic. His treatment of other races:, inhumane. His treatment of women, unacceptable. This man is the embodiment of what politics shouldn’t be. His plans and ideas would sever ties with most of the nations that are our brothers in arms. His wall would cost more than not only he initially  stated, but America could possibly afford. And the scandals about his personal life muddy and muddy his campaign daily. But the other option… Well…

Madam Secretary Clinton is America’s worst nightmare. Her political career has been surrounded by politics from its start. Her ideas create this oppressive nature that eliminates the fundamental principles that America has been founded on. The “accidental” deaths or “suicides” that have come as a result of her inability to debunk political enemies is beyond unsettling. And the two faced nature of her, her campaign, and her lackadaisical handling of sensitive information puts us all at risk. And on a personal note, her fight against the Second Amendment and gun companies is sickening to any constitutional abiding American.

But I would like to end on a rather powerful point. One is a bigot with a lack of sense, political sense and experience necessary for politics. The other though, is a corrupt person with a history of political corruption and dishonesty.  This corruption has occurred during her multiple First Lady terms, as secretary of state, and will most likely carry on if she becomes president. So despite any personal history, I implore you to do what is right for you and this country on November 8. #NeverClinton.


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