Washington Keeping Terrorism Alive

The 21st century has shown Americans the true danger of terrorism whether at home or in the homes of allies and others abroad. Yet, the leftists in the White House and on Capitol Hill will allow terrorism to plague our world and put those we love in danger. As the liberals change the rules of engagement, terrorism is allowed to live on.

Our military was limited and the changes (or downward spiral) began. Positive identification is no longer probable cause for engagement. Action is no longer allowed in the context of threats. Though it was done in the context of peace, it has done quite the opposite and just in time for an unorthodox time of violence. The Washington Times states a substantial  rise in casualties in between  the time that these new policies were released. “Hesitation and  confusion, as former intelligence officer Wayne Simmons describes it , is the last thing the heroes of American Freedom need under fire protecting the rights the left seeks to deprive us of. The FBI was put in a problematic situation as well. Radical Islam can no longer be mentioned in the training of counter terrorist operatives who will be fighting the unnameable threat. Political correctness has prevented the elimination of the terrorist cancer.  This driving force of liberal ideology gone too far?

So now it seems that the country that doesn’t negotiate with terrorists now enables their presence. The country that ended communism cowers from something it can dominate effortlessly. It’s so unbelievable that the administration that vowed to not negotiate with terrorists seems to be the main thing keeping them alive. With things like the Nice and Paris attacks, the Belgium Bombing, and especially the Orlando shooting, we are left to wonder: Can we as a country and world afford another terrorist attack?



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