Is Hillary’s Health a Conspiracy?

There is a discussion that must be had, especially in this election season. In November, America will elect its next President. The Left have done nothing but trash Conservatives and trash Donald Trump, calling him unfit to be president. This is ironic because on top of the obvious reasons Hillary is plain evil and unfit for the office, there is an even more prevalent reason why Hillary Clinton cannot be elected as the next President.

A while back, at a campaign speech, Hillary seemed to mysteriously freeze. While this was happening you could see her smacking her lips. Why is this such a big deal? That is a great question. Usually when someone exhibits this behavior, it is during a minor seizure. Click link to see video of this occurrence. Even more recently, Hillary was at the 911 memorial to pay respects and deliver a speech, when she was overcome by “the heat” and was “dehydrated.” The video shows her being ushered to a black van which then went to the hospital. Right before she got ushered into the van, her body stiffened up, and she fell, multiple times. This is also a sign of a seizure. You can view the video of this occurrence here.

Is this that big of an issue? The answer is yes, most definitely! How can we have a president that could have a medical emergency or seizure in the middle of a national crisis or when an important decision needs to be made?

The funny thing is, Liberals are bashing Conservatives, claiming sexism. They claim that the Right is just trying to discredit Hillary and make her seem like an unviable candidate. The Mainstream media even covered it up, claiming those who revealed her health state are conspiracy theorists trying to make Hillary look bad.

The blatant double standard is quite obvious though. If you are wondering where the double standard is, check out the 2008 Presidential election between Barrack Obama and John McCain. Liberals and the mainstream media DEMANDED to see John McCain’s medical records, claiming they wanted to be sure he was medically fit to be President. The Liberal double standard is very well-known, and it presented itself in light of Hillary’s health issues. According to Liberals, it is okay to question the health of a male Republican, but it is sexist and demeaning for Republicans to question the health of a female Democrat.

The difference between 2008 and now is that in 2008, John McCain was in good health. However, now in 2016, it is very apparent that Hillary is facing some potentially severe health issues. Hillary was also recently diagnosed with pneumonia. This is a very serious condition that usually requires hospital stays. However, she was back out on the campaign trail just hours after the diagnosis, and was in the presence of old people and children. If I had pneumonia, I would not go anywhere near children or old people, for their sake.

Even the mainstream media is starting to become concerned with Hillary’s health, as they should be. It’s about time for the media to actually report the truth, not cover it up.


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