I’m Sick of the Term, “People of Color”

It’s hard to imagine a Conservative Asian or a conservative minority. Yes I said minority not this politically correct term, “person of color.” I’m rather sick of it.

The main reason I hate the term, “people of color” is because it reduces me to merely a skin color. Yes I am genetically Filipino, Chinese, and Hispanic; but I’m so much more than just my ethnicity. I am a proud fighter for the Conservative movement, I’m a student attending California State University Los Angeles, I’m a Christian, and I’m a musician. The left has ALWAYS attempted to dehumanize “people of color,” by making us feel inferior. Now they are using a different method, rather than saying whites are superior, it’s now that white people are privileged and I am not.


I may not be part of the 1% but I can tell you that my life has been successful and happy. Never once was I oppressed for my skin color. It’s 2016 ladies and gentlemen, discrimination is illegal. Every time I hear that I am oppressed because of my skin color, I just want to scream at them and let them know that the barriers that have kept people down because of their skin color are gone. I will tell you, though, that being a conservative minority; I have faced discrimination and racism from leftists.

I hear it all the time. I allegedly suffer from internalized hatred and racism, because I am a conservative and Asian. The left expects me to bow down to their agenda, that I should be a liberal, for no other reason than the color of my skin. Isn’t that the epitome of racism? Being forced to believe something or do something because of the color of my skin?

To sum this rant up, I’m just sick and tired of being called a person of color or a minority or an Asian American or Filipino American. I identify as an American.


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