Trump Built Some Great Momentum Last Week, But Will He Keep It Going?

What Trump Can Do To Secure The Unsure Voters By Building Off Momentum From The Week Of 8/15

For those still on the fence about Donald Trump, last week’s decisions and speeches made by the presidential candidate, might be the start of a serious reconsideration among some “Never Trump” Republicans to finally hop aboard The Trump Train. Trump’s momentum started with his powerful speech on fighting back against terrorism, continued the momentum later in the week with a speech on addressing the problems behind inner city violence and law enforcement issues , and hit a climax when Trump decided to visit the recently flooded state of Louisiana before either President Obama or Hillary Clinton.

These actions taken by Mr. Trump came after several weeks of poor performance in the polls and major changes to campaign staff personnel and management. There are many political pundits out there including myself who are still unsure of Trump’s decision to hire Breitbart News CEO Steve Bannon to essentially manage the campaign, but only time will tell if he’ll actually impact the campaign for the better long term. In order to understand why the week of 8/15 was critical for Trump, let’s look at one of Trump’s biggest problems:

Trump’s Temper On Twitter.

First let me start off by saying that the Trump Campaign has had the most effective social media presence of any GOP candidate I’ve seen in my lifetime. Trump’s campaign knows how to effectively reach out to several demographics and point the message at their desired audience. The candidate himself however, is a different story entirely. Trump’s personal Twitter activities are humorous at best, but cringeworthy at worst. Even Ann Coulter who has been a vehement supporter of Trump from the beginning, admits that he has a problem with outlandish “late night tweets”. If his most loyal supporters are questioning his pre-teen like behavior with all the name calling and juvenile tweets, than how are reluctant voters supposed to take him seriously? I actually think Ben Shapiro might have had the right idea when he humorously suggested on his Monday podcast that the campaign should “take Trump’s smartphone away and remove the Twitter app”.

Trump’s Greatest Asset Should Be His Stage Presence And Speaking Power.

Yes, I know Trump has had a few on stage doozies this election, but doesn’t every politician have a few when you really think about it? He’s not perfect by any means, but I can’t possibly be the only one who’s noticed that Trump has had significantly better speeches and overall messaging since becoming the Republican Party nominee back in June. He’s been focused, clear, and well spoken, in the two speeches mentioned above and furthermore, he actually took action by going to Louisiana and meeting with the people not as a politician, but as a fellow human being. He’s acting presidential and this is what people want to see and expect. Trump’s tough guy routine may have been fun to watch in the primary, but now he’s the guy, and it’s time for Donald to show the American people what he’s about.

One Last Thing: Regarding The “Dishonest Media.”

While I appreciate the fact that Trump has previously called out the mainstream media on their crap, he needs to stay focused on getting ready to debate Hillary in September. This is going to be an important time for him and he cannot be distracted by petty news outlets and gossip rags. Please Mr Trump, let pundits like Milo Yianoppolus and myself deal with the press, you just focus on getting ready for Clinton.


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