The Anti-gun Left Has Gone Too Far

Earlier this year, Texas legislators passed a law allowing the carrying of firearms on public university campuses. This new law did two things. It made pro-gun people rejoice, while at the same time angering the anti-gun left.

Usually, if someone doesn’t like something they do a nice peaceful protest and engage in a civil and respectful debate. Wait, this is the Left we are talking about, so we know that is not what happened. Now enter cocks, not glocks.

Yes, you heard that right. The University of Texas was at the forefront of this new legislation. A group of anti gun students and professors began their protests and fear mongering. As we all can imagine, the protests were anything but mature and respectful.

The group of students organizing the protest decided it would be a good idea to hand out over 4,000 dildos to students across the campus. Why would any person think this would be a good idea?

Again, it is the Left we are talking about. They are anything but rational and mature. What exactly did theses students think they would accomplish by chanting “Cocks, not glocks” and holding obscene signs depicting various images and forms of male reproductive anatomy?

They claimed they were bringing awareness to the supposed dangers and absurdity of allowing people to concealed carry firearms on campus and in classrooms. They said that since it was absurd to allow guns on campus, they would do something equally absurd by giving dildos to students to carry around campus with them.

Protesters argued that guns on campus will actually increase sexual assaults on campus. They sounded like they were adhering to strict talking points, with no actual coherent or individual thought themselves (you can click the link to see the video of the protest). To any normal human being this sounds like pure madness. In fact, more guns on a college campus gives women the ability to defend themselves from rape and sexual assault.

However, the anti-gun left doesn’t care about actual facts, because their end game is the complete disarmament of the entire population, except for the police, military, and the elitist community.

Guns on campus will actually make the school safer. Can you imagine how things would have turned out at Virginia Tech if there were students concealed carrying on campus? Can you imagine how different things would turn out if a man decided he was going to rape a woman, but instead she was carrying and pulled a gun on him? At that point, the perpetrator would be the one waiting for cops to arrive, to give him a free ride to the police station.

Last but not least. The irony in all of this astounding. Think of it this way. A group of rape culture feminists holding a rally and calling it “Cocks not glocks.” In actuality, those who support this rally are actually pro rape, as they don’t want women to be able to protect themselves, because if women are able to stop rapes before they happen, their beloved rape culture will become something of the past.

Modern Feminists need rape for their cause to remain somewhat legitimate. It’s a good thing the Constitution trumps the Left’s irrational fear of guns.


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