Louisiana Flooding: Obama’s Katrina?

These past two weeks the US has seen the worst natural disaster since Hurricane Katrina. Many parts of Louisiana are under several feet of water. A series of severe storms flooded all the rivers, lakes, and waterways in the area. The flooding affected over 110,000 families and has so far caused over 20 Bbllion dollars in damage. What is even more appalling is the complete lack of coverage from the Mainstream Media. The media have pretty much been silent on the matter, and in some cases completely ignoring it. It seems they would rather cover Black Rioters Matter burning and looting neighborhoods and businesses, but could care less about the countless Black lives being affected by these floods. The reason being, it doesn’t further their agenda.

Something else even more appalling is President Obama’s non involvement in this crisis. In fact, he was on vacation golfing and would rather have not been bothered by the crisis. His only response, to sign a declaration of a state of emergency in Louisiana. He did not visit the victims, nor did he hold anything that resembled a press conference, he went right back to his golfing. Guess what else? The media were completely silent on that too. The very same media that bashed President George Bush for how he handled Hurricane Katrina and even called him a racist, claiming he didn’t care about Black people. However, at least Bush went to Louisiana and Mississippi and visited with the victims. How come the media won’t say the same thing about Obama’s response? Oh, that’s right, Obama is Black so he gets a free pass.

Let’s take a look at Hillary Clinton. She was on vacation at Martha’s Vineyard and campaigning during all of this as well. Hillary barely said anything regarding the countless men, women, and children who were displaced by the flooding and who likely lost everything. Her campaign was too important for her to take a break to visit the victims. It is well-known, thanks to the WikiLeaks email leaks, that Hillary could care less about minorities. She only cares about the minority vote. Hillary will say and do ANYTHING to get their votes, but nothing will change in the end. Once again, complete silence from the media.

Then there’s Donald Trump. He is arguably the most polarizing candidate in the field. While Obama and Hillary were busy doing nothing about the situation, Trump decided to take it upon himself to help out. He went to Louisiana to talk to and comfort the victims. Not only did he do that, he also sent truckloads of food, hygiene supplies, diapers, clothing, and toys, to be given away to those affected and in need. How does the media respond? The media bashed Trump, claiming he went to Louisiana against the wishes of the Governor to go and exploit the victims and use it as a photo op. Last time I checked, giving clothing, food, and much-needed other items to the victims isn’t exploiting people, it is helping them. So Donald Trump, the ONLY person who responded to the needs of the victims, was criticized and labeled the bad guy. That should tell you there is something seriously wrong with the media these days. The Anti-Conservative bias is astounding, yet not surprising.

This situation proves that Black Lives don’t really matter to Black Lives Matter. If they truly did, BLM would be sending money, food, and anything else they could to help those Black Lives so horribly affected by this disaster, but guess what, they aren’t. They are too focused on burning business and killing cops to notice the need of their fellow-man. I say All Black Lives Matter, including those affected in Louisiana. Maybe we can use all the water in Louisiana to put out all the burning businesses set on fire by the Black Rioters Matter crowd.


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