Making The Case For An Intellectual Wing of The Alt- Right: Understanding And Embracing A New Conservative Movement

Racism, Sexism, homophobia, and Nazi-esque behavior are just a few of the idiotic and untrue labels that the left uses to attack those of us that are conservative when they either don’t understand our point of view, are just acting like jerks, have lost the debate, or a mix of all three. Conservatives have come to expect this type of behavior from most of our opponents on the left, and we deal with the situation accordingly. For the past year however, establishment and “traditional” conservatives have been hurling these very same insults and labels at other conservatives they disagree with. More specifically, they’ve been attacking a new sect of the conservative movement known as The Alternative Right (more commonly referred to as “The Alt- Right” on social media) which has been associated for the most part with Donald Trump supporters and the rise of his now extremely popular presidential campaign.

Is Trump my choice candidate? No. Is he qualified? More so than Hillary Clinton. What bothers me is how once great publications like National Review and other conservative outlets like RedState have taken to comparing Trump supporters to Neo Nazis. We expect this type of abhorrent name calling from MSNBC and Salon, but to see “conservative” pundits like Jonah Goldberg, Ben Shapiro, and Glenn Beck act the same way is quite honestly sad. Sure, there are a few Trump supporters who might have hateful tendencies, but as a majority, most trump supporters I know are young people who really admire Trump’s ability to promote America as a force for good. Interestingly enough, a lot of these college kids who are now active campaigners for Trump seem to be newcomers to politics as an interest. I greatly feel that this “alt-right” movement has some energy that the GOP and more traditional conservatives would be wise to take note of.

Who Are These People And Why Do They Call Themselves “The Alt-Right”?

As I mentioned above, most of the people that I’ve encountered in The Alt-Right are technically savvy culture warriors in their 20s, 30s, and even early 40s. Political activism among college students is nothing new, as demonstrated by organizations such as Turning Point USA, The College Republicans, etc. However, most of these conservative college organizations are full of students who are political brainiacs to begin with, whereas The Alt Right is full of students who are more likely to have a more casual and therefore fresh perspective on politics and conservatism as a whole. This new breed of conservatives might not be the most focused on economic or foreign policy based issues, but rather, they focus on fighting back against The Left Wing’s domination of entertainment and popular culture.

Baked Alaska for example, is a rapper who’s lyrics are centered around American Exceptionalism, respect for American law enforcement and military personnel, and presidential candidate Donald Trump. He’s reaching out to people in a way that no other conservative has before to my knowledge

There are several others such as Mike Cernovitch ( ), Steven Crowder ( ), and a handful of YouTube personalities who might not necessarily identify as Alt-Right, but are categorized as part of the movement because of how they operate outside of conventional means.

And Then There’s Milo….

If there’s one name that is synonymous with The Alt-Right, it’s Milo Yianoppolus . The self proclaimed “Most Fabulous Super Villain on the Internet” brought the group of people known as The Alt Right into the public eye following The Gamergate Controversy . Milo has without a doubt, become an Internet subculture icon with a surprisingly impressive number of fans for someone who is still relatively new to the public spotlight. I was surprised to find out recently that Milo doesn’t consider himself to necessarily be a part of The Alt Right directly, but rather a “fellow traveler” as he says in his own words. The fact that he is a flaming homosexual from Great Britain really irks hardcore leftists since it doesn’t jive with their narrative to try and make all conservatives mindless religious zealots who hate gay people. In fact, since Milo’s rise to prominence, more gay people have come out of the closet as conservatives which just further disproves the left’s homophobia narrative. He uses the left’s own tactics against them, and despite their numerous attempts to shut him down, he shows no signs of slowing down or quitting anytime soon. If anything, Milo Yianoppolus is just getting started!

The Old Guard Conservative’s Alt-Right Nazi Meme.

As previously mentioned, once great conservative publications and websites such as National Review and RedState have been publishing articles that depict The Alt-Right as little more than cult worshipers of Donald Trump while failing to understand that things like “God Emperor Trump” are completely satirical in nature. I can understand their skepticism of Trump himself, but I don’t think they understand that most Alt-Righters are simply jaded by eight years of division and chaos under the Obama Presidency, and furthermore, an unwillingness from the GOP to get their hands dirty when it comes to fighting against the Left. To some, it almost seems as if the establishment Republicans enjoy being able to play the victim of Obama.

While NR and RedState might simply misunderstand The Alt-Right, there are emerging #NeverTrump blogs and websites such as The Buckley Club who have unfairly and maliciously labeled Alt-Righters as some sort of “neo- Nazi skinhead group”, and this is the heart of why I’m writing this right now.

As far as I can tell, the neo-Nazi accusation is largely based on interactions and fights on the social media platform known as Twitter, and just like on all other Internet platforms, there are people who like to assume a pretend persona. I’m not saying that I find roleplaying online as a Nazi cool, quite the opposite. At the same time however, I would be more worried about these “neo-Nazis” if I saw them walking the streets in the real world, as opposed to the Twitterverse and as someone who has lived in South Florida for almost three years now, I’m happy to report that neo-Nazi sightings are at an all-time low. If #NeverTrump wants to be serious about these claims, then I suggest they find reality-based evidence instead of Twitter screen grabs. Come on guys, you’re better than this!

It’s Time To Work Together Rather Than Against Each Other.

All this infighting between #NeverTrump and The Alt-Right only serves to benefit Hillary Clinton and her cronies who are the real enemies of American Liberty. The only way that Conservatives can win is to work together and stand behind the party nominee. Let us expand Conservatism, not split it.


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