Socialism is For Thee, Not For Me

This past year was probably the most annoying year for me as a conservative college student. I would walk around and constantly be triggered at the sight of Bernie Sander stickers, shirts, and posters. Seeing how they would strongly advocate for socialism while clear examples of socialism failing, like in Venezuela, were around them had always fascinated me. My generation has been indoctrinated with Socialism and when Bernie Sanders announced that he was a democratic socialist, per-pubescent teenage girls and millennials drooled all over him and praised him as a God, going as far as to tattoo the Vermont senator onto their bodies.

But when Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton, I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. Socialist leaders never follow along with their principles, in fact they are the most corrupt officials to have ever existed. They tell you to donate 90% of your paycheck, but would never do it themselves. They tell you that you should be restricted to the bare necessities needed to get by and that the rest is forfeit, but never do it themselves. Bernie Sanders sold out his audience for a private jet and a third house worth $600,000.

Isn’t it ironic that he criticizes the 1%, when I am pretty sure that people who belong to the 1% would have multiple houses and their own private jet.

I love seeing how the Bernie Sanders fanatics are coping with the massive cognitive dissonance. “Why not leave him alone and enjoy himself?” “He deserved it after leading the revolution.” “It was his hard work!” Wouldn’t the same apply to self made millionaires? But no, when it comes to Bernie Sanders, he gets a pass for being part of the 1%.

It is always a trend with socialists, they tell you to follow their policy but they never follow it themselves. They tell you to sacrifice everything you have, but they would never do it themselves.

Socialists are all the same. Demanding you follow their impossible rules, but never following it through themselves. Thus the phrase rings true for them: Socialism is for thee, not for me.


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