The Left’s Desperate Attempt to Gain Millennial Votes

Watching the Democratic National Convention, I noticed several events happening. The massive walkout from the Sanders delegates, the “prayer” that was held, and the atrocious pandering to the Millennial generation by singing “fight song.”

Out of all the events that happened at the Democratic National Convention, that was the worst part and the most cringe worthy to discuss.

Now I know what you’re thinking. “OMG another conservative bagging on the DNC!” Well I’m not the only one who disapproved of this acapella rendition of this song. In the YouTube Like to Dislike ratio, the gap is tremendous. Having 29,000 likes but over 31,000 dislikes. The top comments (at the time of writing) were condemning the Democratic National Convention for its pathetic pandering attempt. “Do I drink bleach before or after?” “All this song proves is that Clinton is the candidate of the bourgeois…” “Am I the only one who notices all the opposing comments that were here yesterday with hundreds of likes have been DELETED???” The Democratic Party has become desperate for votes and in it’s pandering to the Millennial generation, it has fallen flat on its face.

Another clear example is Hillary Clinton. During a speech she gave she referenced the famous app that is still taking the world by storm; Pokemon Go. She said that, “I don’t know who made Pokemon Go but I don’t know how we can try and make them Pokemon go to the polls.” Just let that sink in for a moment.

The pandering that has been presented by the left is just so pathetic. There is nothing they can do anymore. The people have been betrayed by the system. The only hope for the populist left was Bernie Sanders, and after he endorsed Clinton, many left-wing Millennials have lost hope in the left. No matter how hard the left tries to appease them, it is already too late.

The cringe that has presented itself from the left has left a very valuable lesson for Conservatives on the right. We must never attempt to pander to our fellow Americans, but instead present our ideas and beliefs; which are far more effective than making a cover of “Fight Song.”


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