You Want an Apology!? What A Leftist!

So I have heard from a number of Republicans with the density of complaints coming from the #NeverTrump movement that the Alt-Right is ruining Conservatism as well as sinking the Republican ship as we know it. They say “Oh, 2016 was our year and the Alt-Right ruined it, boo-hoo!” or “Trump killed Conservatism, how dare he!”. Well, if you say any of these things, congratulations you’re stupid. Not only are you stupid, but you might as well be a Leftist!

Hello Sir, how did the internet troll hurt your feelings?

We as Conservatives are supposed to be the ones who attack others about how they got their feelings hurt by words, chalk, or even body language. We should be one upping the Alt-Right, destroying them with the knowledge and values of Conservatism. But no, instead we need to look them in the eye and ask for an apology! If you’re begging, BEGGING, for an apology from the Alt-Right you would probably be too triggered to maintain eye contact anyway. Jacob Airey from Red Millennial made this argument and likely cried while he was writing it. Don’t worry guys, I promptly sent tissues in the mail so that he wouldn’t suffer any longer than need be.

Now please tell me where the Alt-Right hurt you.

The Alt-Right has every right to exist and voice its opinion of the path the Republican Party is taking. I may not agree with it, but if your believe in and love democracy, even Conservatives can open their eyes and see that the will of the people voted Donald Trump. I was a Ted Cruz guy! I was heartbroken watching him withdraw, hell I canvassed for him in CA. He was the most conservative candidate running for president, especially now that we have seen Little Marco Rubio kiss the ring while bowing to King Trump.

Yes, Marco+Trump=Love

Trump is a nationalist populist who is an absolute mistake for the Republican party. However, he is the candidate who won, plain and simple. The people who back him, coined the Alt-Right, are now being labeled as a bunch of racist Jew hater white supremacists who burn crosses on weekends and hate gays. REALLY? This is literally the same tactic the Left uses. Are their racists in the Alt-Right? Of course, yet racists and to a further extent racism exist in the every political group! Racism exists in the Libertarian party! Racism exists in the Democratic party! Notice a pattern? Racists are everywhere yet to characterize and color an entire movement as racist is quite stupid and typical of a shitty sunday morning MSNBC anchor who is drinking their organic coffee while missing Bernie.

“Bernie would have led a revolution!”

Conservatives have a hard choice to make in the next couple months, one that may make you uncomfortable with your ideology and your principles. But one thing that we can not do is allow ourselves to act like cry baby, chalk fearing leftists. We LOST this year plain and simple. Conservatism will survive of course, and instead of pleading for words of relief from the Alt-Right, we should be taking leadership roles in helping conservatives come to power in every other political office we possibly can.

Your big boy/girl panties are in the bottom drawer.


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