There IS A Group of People Who need to Check Their Privilege

If you were to turn on the television on any given day, you would see something very alarming. According to most mainstream media outlets, the country has a problem with racism running rampant. They report on evil cops who gun down “innocent black people.” However, we see very little news coverage on cop being gunned down by black people. Black Lives Matter are out preaching their anti-cop and anti-white sentiments with no consequence. The sad thing is, as a white person, I am somehow unqualified to speak out against such groups or carry on educated discussion on the subject of racism. The reason is “White Privilege.”

White Privilege is a term thrown out all too often these days. It tries to make the claim that somehow white people have some sort of advantage over black people. While this may have been the case during the Civil Rights Movement, it is no longer the case today. In fact, the exact opposite is the case. Enter Black Privilege, the new White Privilege.

Many people would call me a racist for saying Black Privilege exists, but that exact statement proves my point that Black Privilege exists. Let us start with Affirmative Action for employment. A black person or other minority is given preferential hiring treatment in regards to employment. Not only that, but it is easier for a black person to get into college than a white person. Colleges in the US actually lower their admission requirements to make it easier for black people to get admitted. I read a story a while back about an Asian kid who scored nearly perfect on his ACT/SAT test but was denied admission, while a black kid was admitted to the school with lower test scores and less qualifications than the Asian kid.

Let us also talk about Black Lives Matter. They are allowed to chant “pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon” with absolutely no consequence. They are allowed to advocate for the rights of black people exclusively. They are allowed to advocate for the deaths of cops and white people. Can you imagine what would happen if there was a #WhiteLivesMatter group? It is considered a hate crime for a white Person to kill a black person, but not a hate crime for a black person to kill a white Person? When the knock out game was going on, the mainstream media attempted to give the least amount of coverage possible, even though they were blatant black on white hate crimes. They chalked it up as nonracially related, despite the facts and evidence.

Let’s talk about some other examples of blatant Black Privilege. Apparently it is not racist to have a Black Entertainment Television channel. It is not racist to have Black History Month. It is not racist to have a Congressional Black Caucus. It is not racist to have a National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. It is not racist for one to say “I’m proud to be black.” However, it would somehow be racist to have a White Entertainment Television channel. It somehow would be racist to have a White History Month, a White Congressional Caucus, or the National Association for the Advancement of White people. It would definitely be considered racist for a white person to say “I’m proud to be white.” Why is this the case? The answer is simple, Black Privilege. Anyone ever sit and think why black people can say make all the racist comments about white people they want, but when a white person makes a similar comment towards black people, it suddenly becomes racist? It would seem by watching mainstream media, that being a racist is exclusive to white people only.

In the end, black people who claim there is a such thing as White Privilege don’t truly want unity. They want nothing but the eventual domination of white people. They also believe that white people should feel sorry for what their ancestors did over 150 years ago. Slavery was horrific and was a very dark time in this nation’s history, but that was abolished and we are seeing more improvement in civil rights than there ever has been. However, when ANY racial group asserts more importance over the other, civil rights begin to die.



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