Depaul University’s Censorship Tactics Strike Again

Depaul University in Chicago, Illinois has once again proven itself to be the epicenter of the anti-free speech movement going on at college campuses nationwide. As a college student, I see these things on a daily basis where if something goes against the echo chamber of the campus, its found, identified and stuffed out like the brush fire that the campus administration fears it will become. Conservatism is universally hated on campus nationwide, but now more than ever we see steps being taken to block todays students and future leaders from listening to a Conservative thought point on current events.

Depaul’s rational for banning the Conservative Fire Brand Ben Shapiro? 

“Given the experiences and security concerns that some other schools have had with Ben Shapiro speaking on their campuses, DePaul cannot agree to allow him to speak on our campus at this time,” the university’s Vice President of Facilities Operations told Young Americas Foundation in an email.

So when translated, the real reason behind banning Ben is Depaul can not control the soft ass Liberal fruitcakes on campus from sitting down and listening to a free exchange of thoughts and ideas. I was at Cal State University, Los Angeles and saw that the reason for all the trouble was the Leftist students getting violent and not willing to sit down and listen to Ben’s differing views that may cause a “triggering” that would spread like the Black Plague in Europe.

To see the Liberal bias in all of its glorious view, one needs to look no further than Depaul’s commencement speakers. Nothing but a long line of Liberals who push Liberal thoughts on our students. What happened to free exchange of thought and ideas? You should feel uncomfortable on college campuses, where your thoughts and ideas are there to be formed and melded though teachings and experiences. If I debate a Leftist and a valid point is brought up, I have learned from it and become a better and more efficient gear in the political system. College campuses are no longer an environment of learning but instead a factory of Liberal indoctrination. 

We at American Watchmen formed this website to have a free exchange of thoughts and views, which is something that every American who is proud of their citizenship should support. I may get annoyed with Liberals, but I would fight to the end of the earth to protect their right to speak and be wrong. Censorship is silencing something that doesn’t confirm your bias, and if you can’t be open to a differing view then you’re just an arrogant scumbag.

American Watchmen condemns any college campus that bans speakers that have a differing view and demands that Depaul University either clarifies that it is a school of Leftist thought and anti free speech, or to immediately undo bans to both Ben Shapiro and Milo Yiannopoulos, and encourage the freedom of thought. Thank you to Depaul’s Young Americans for Freedom for standing up against the fascist administration and pushing free speech on your campus. 




One thought on “Depaul University’s Censorship Tactics Strike Again

  1. That’s what gets me about the college protests from Missouri on down to DePaul; the administrators surrendered. It’s one thing for a bunch of students to crowd a lobby so they can chant, lock arms, and wave signs…quite another for the adults to nod along and do the brats bidding.


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