Voting for Hillary Clinton Because She’s A Woman Is Sexist

Many women and Americans are rightly celebrating the elevation of a women to a party’s Presidential nominee.  From Vice-Presidential candidate Gerradine Ferraro and Sarah Palin in 2008 to runner-up Clinton in 2008, society has made great strides toward equality.

But, the common refrain among the most vocal (and radical) feminists is that it is not enough.  As a result, the argument that women should vote for Clinton because she is a women has emerged.  Only when a women has become President can real change be realized apparently (qualifications, who needs them).

Ironically, the same women feeding this theme are the same ones who voted for a black man over a woman in 2008.  If feminism was not an overriding priority then why is it so damn important now?

These new feminists, who have bought into the grievance based culture, practice a scary group-think mentality.  They make outrageous claims about how sexist society and our institutions are.  They scream that we live in a rape-based culture.  I think it is bad as man when I am told I can’t understand or I am wrong because I am a man.  I hate to think how much worse it must be for conservative women.

These ideas have inevitably bled over into the Presidential contest.  A number of prominent women during the primary said women should vote for Clinton.  Who can forget Madeline Albright (god bless her addled brain) saying “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other!”  Um, maybe women vote on something else other than just gender.

Certainly, there is work to be done in society in many ways.  But, in reality, women have already made great strides if not outpaced men in may areas of society.  Education-wise, more women graduated with Bachelors degrees, Masters and for the first time ever PhDs, in 2014.  This is not a recent trend as data indicates more women started to earn associates degrees in 1978, Bachelor’s degrees in 1983.  More women have attended college since 1991 (data is not a feminist’s friend).

The graduating class of 2013 saw “women will earn 61.6% of all associate’s degrees this year, 56.7% of all bachelor’s degrees, 59.9% of all master’s degrees, and 51.6% of all doctor’s degrees. Overall, 140 women will graduate with a college degree at some level this year for every 100 men.”  In fact, this factor has led researchers to start to examine a reverse-gender gap that attempt to explain why fewer men are graduating college (let alone enrolling).

It is not just in education that women have made great strides.  Since 1990 we have had three female Secretaries of State, a woman Speaker of the House, and more women represented in state legislatures than ever before.  Now, we have the first-ever major-party woman candidate.  If society’s institutions are sexist, well, they are not doing a very good job.

If we assume that many women are strong and independent (as I do) telling them to vote for a Presidential candidate just because of their gender is outrageous.  Moreover, feminists may never get this point, but it is sexist!

You cannot argue women are independent and capable of great things and then turn around and say if they don’t do what you want they are going to “hell.”  It’s hypocritical.  Further, it shows modern feminists don’t care about true equality.  Just about pushing an agenda.

Women should vote for Clinton based on the issues.  If they support her policies they will turn out at the ballot box for her.  If they oppose them they will vote for another candidate.  It is that simple.  But guilt-tripping women into voting for Clinton simply because of her gender is sexist and defeats the goal of actually achieving gender equality.



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