The Fall of Europe and The Warning to America

A long time ago, a great and ancient empire, known as Rome, ruled for over 500 years. Its lands stretching from Spain to the Middle-East and from the shores of Britian to the deserts of Carthage. Its armies were vast and grand, and almost no other nation could match its strength. But as time moved on the great city on the seven hills fell, not from the outside but from the inside. Today, instead of Rome, great cities such as Paris and Berlin are failing due to weak leadership and violent radical Islamic terrorists invading the country.

Ever since Europe allowed refugees to cross into its boarders, radical Islamic terrorists have taken advantage of this and now are wreaking havoc upon the country. France has suffered several attacks from Charlie Hebdo to Nice. Germany is no stranger to this, from the massive gang rapes of Colonge to a radical Muslim hacking a pregnant lady to death with a machete.

Rather than seeking justice for the victims, police officials attempt to cover up these crimes and politicians blamed the victim. For example, when multiple school girls were raped by Muslim refugees the mayor of the town said that it was her fault and that she should have kept an arm’s length apart. The disease that is political correctness has reached a terminal stage. Rather than being sensitive to others feelings, it is all about silencing opposition and maintaining the narrative that all the “refugees” that were admitted are peaceful.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we must admit the hard reality that no one will ever say.

Europe is gone.

Here in America, the same leftist politicians that want to admit these “refugees” will do the exact same routine, as their corrupt counterparts in Europe did. Ensuring that the narrative stays the same. Europe has now become a warning to America, the last country in the western world that has not been infected with the disease of mass Muslim migration to the country.

We as Americans must ensure that the great experiment that is American democracy remains intact.


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