The Left’s Social Justice Agenda Is Ruining My Favorite Childhood Pastime: Comic Books!

Captain “Anti” America? Please Say It Ain’t So.

Before I became interested in politics, comic books were my life. My dad would take me to our local comic shop every Saturday. This was in the early 2000s before comic book movies became what they are today and it was still kind of an underground nerd culture. My point in bringing this up, is to say that these left wing social activists have no clue about the actual comics themselves.

I understand the need to modernize characters but publishers should still keep the essence of the heroes. This is just them forcing an agenda that has nothing to do with storyline. Yesterday they wanted to make Cap gay, less than 24 hours later when that failed, Marvel announces that they’re going to make Captain America an enemy of America!? Yes, it’s true.

My 9/10 year old self would be crying right now too. Comic books in the superhero genre Focus on good versus evil and much like Greek mythology, deals with the human natured side of people with extraordinary powers. That’s what has always made them great. Comics up until the last 15 years, have also generally been Pro American but the radical element of the left has also worked to undermine that as well.

I’m hoping that this new storyline with Cap being against America is a temporary thing, but than again, Marvel has also recently made Thor a woman. (which makes no sense since he’s a God and not a Goddess but I digress). As I’ve stated above, I don’t have any problem with characters being changed or updated if there’s a valid storyline need for this to occur. This however, seems like Marvel is just letting a political and social agenda being pushed, which saddens me.

On the bright side, at least I still have most of the large comic book boxes I grew up with and I can find solace and joy in the stories that helped shape my love for America, and ultimately led me to my love of politics.